Make collaboration stronger

Did you know that EngiMed and Covartim collaborate since a long time in a respectful a partnership ? Accepting me as COO of Covartim, Kyun Thibaut give me the opportunity to make this link stronger than ever. EngiMed and Covartim have put in common their resources, building a collaborative Quality Management System documentation that is […]


Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve given you some news. Our Quality Management System has been adapted to fulfil the requirements of the ISO2200 on Food Safety Management. Feel free to contact us in case you need an easy way to implement rapidly a quality management system in your organization. (medical devices, in […]

If you are located in Wallonia

If you are located in Wallonia, you may be eligible to the « Chèques-Entreprises » program. They have recently updated/simplified the different options. See the Website ( ). EngiMed is still accredited to help you in the setting of your Quality Management System. Feel free to contact us.